It is that time of the year again when love in the air reigns supreme. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner & we can totally understand the kind of pressure it brings along for you to pour your heart out to that someone special on the D-day. If you are feeling tongue-tied, you aren’t alone. It might need nerves of steel to say those magical three words, but the irony is that even they might actually fall short of expressing how you truly feel for her. While your mind has been dwindling from candle night dinners to romantic drives, we have the perfect solution to your mind-boggling question – “What’s the right gift for her this Valentine’s day?”. Well, it’s Alpino chocolates from Nestle.

nestle alpino


These crunchy chocolaty bonbons with a delicious creamy mousse centre are bound to sweep her off her feet considering her love for chocolates. And, you don’t even need to cram those cheesy lines. The cutest thing about Nestle Alpino is those love messages that come wrapped in chocolates expressing your true feelings for her.

nestle alpino


Nestle Alpino is also an apt manifestation of how she makes you feel– try as you may appear all tough and nonchalant on the outside, you know you melt on the inside every time you catch a glimpse of her. Isn’t it? We know you are blushing right now & are actually wondering if she will reciprocate your feelings or not. No need to be nervous. Just be who you are & take the plunge. Nestle Alpino will help you cross the bridge over.

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