No dear, there is absolutely no need to blink and rub your eyes repeatedly. Vapour Bar & Exchange is offering a deal of a lifetime in which their starters and drinks are at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 39. So, isn’t it just the perfect place to party till the wee hours of the morning without giving a damn about the bill.

Of course, it is. Vapour Bar & Exchange is offering starters like Plain/Masala Peanuts, Chilli Potato, Fryums and Masala Beans for yes, you guessed it right Rs. 39. On the drinks front, soft drinks, fresh lime, Royal Challenge, Bacardi, Old Monk, and Smirnoff are retailing for Rs. 39/-  So isn’t it a cracker deal and just the best place to take all your friends along, the old and lost-forgotten ones too and go on a long nostalgia trip without bothering about the figures on the bill.

However, the goodies don’t just end at the magical figure of 39. Because for Rs. 69 only, you get some more delicious and interesting starters – Chilli Paneer, Dahi Ke Sholey, Barbeque Chicken Wings and Tapari Chicken Wings. Shocked? Well, hold your thumping heart because for the same figure of Rs. 69 you are also treated to a plethora of drinks such as Beer (Premium, Blonde, Stout, Cider), Black Dog, Vat 69, Jim Beam, Teachers, and Mocktails.

Phew! Isn’t is an absolutely blockbuster deal? Of course, it is. Coupled with the gorgeous and charming ambiance of Vapour and the pulsating music, which literally pulls you to the dance floor, it will be an experience, which you will never forget. Right? Absolutely! You Bet!

Where: Vapour Bar & Exchange, 2nd Floor, Plot 13,14 and 15, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

When: Every Monday & Tuesday

Why: For unbelievable deal of Rs.39 on drinks and starters