If you love kebabs, Zakir Nagar is the place for you.


1. Lucknowi Galauti Kebabs

If you spot a place that serves Lucknow-style Galauti kebabs and you don’t start with it, it is pretty much a crime (and we are no criminals!) so, dig right into these succulent kebabs, accompanied with ulte tawa ka parantha.

Where: Al Rashida, Shop No. 2, Zakir Nagar

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2. Seekh Kabab

Minced buffalo meat kebabs, slow grilled to perfection on coal, this is another jewel in the market. Served with a good portion of mint chutney, onions and soft roomali roti, every bite here spells delicious!

Where: Talib Kabab Corner, Zakir Nagar

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3. Chicken Biryani

If, like us, you too enjoy a food walk, then make sure you keep the portion sizes small while exploring Zakir Nagar, because there is a lot in store. About 9 years old, this shop has been preparing fresh chicken and buffalo meat biryani, every day, and serving it with salan.

Where: Madina Hotel, Shop No. 6, Zakir Nagar

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Source: Whats Hot Delhi