Parineeti Chopra is looking like million bucks these days. Her new sexier , fitter avtaar is being attributed to her 6 pack abs. No, we aren’t kidding. Her recent outing with Varun Dhawan on the release of Janeman Aah song from Dishoom is the talk of the town. And, it’s not just because of the sizzling chemistry. She is looking a hottie like never before  & has been accumulating accolades for such amazing photogenic abs..

parineeti abs

It’s to be noted that she had been at the receiving end of comments/insults from Bollywood for being too curvy & for being fat. Her obsession to get in shape came more from staying fit rather than losing weight & of course she was disciplined enough to make it happen.

parineeti in goa

Parineeti Chopra in Goa in April

How Parineeti Chopra became Fat to Fit story

Before joining Bollywood, Parineeti weighed 86kg & had a 38 size, while now she fits into 30. This transformation has been made possible due to the following:-

1. She gave up Pizza. Yes ! Pizza is her first love but she didn’t have a choice.

2. Her breakfast comprised of brown bread with butter, egg white & a glass of milk. Lunch included dal & roti, brown rice, salad & green leafy vegetables .  Ever dinner was quite simple with less oil, one glass of milk and sometimes a chocolate shake.

parineeti before afterParineeti Chopra before joining Bollywood & Now

3. She even did Kerala Martial arts Kalaripayattu religiously for an hour every morning.

4. Parineeti hated going to the gym like you  but Bollywood pressure & being present in the visual medium made her hit the gym. In this one year break after Kill Bill , she took up a fitness programme & set the internet on fire with her post work out session pics.

parineeti push harderParineeti made heads turn with her transformation

5. Her exercise regime involved jogging,meditation,yoga, cardio, running on treadmill & activities like horse riding & swimming.

Parineeti _cookiesParineeti Chopra enjoying cookies

The results are for all of us to see & her good looks have rubbed on to her confidence as well. It’s high that you too stop procrastinating & get into the fitness mode. We can help you by making you savour  salads (instead of pizzas , burgers or burger pizzas) that are healthy & tastier too.