Yes, Momos and Dim sums are different. Have you ever gone to a roadside kiosk and said, ‘Bhaiya, ek plate dim sum dena?’ That just doesn’t sound right? But, we are sure, you have looked for momos on the menu of a Chinese restaurant, stared in disbelief that the restaurant doesn’t have them at all, and said, ‘Chal Yaar, dim sum manga le.’

momos and dim sums

So then, is Dim sum just a fancy word for Momos? Well, apparently not. Here is how Momos and Dim sums are different from each other.

Momos are Tibetan, Dim sums are of Chinese origin

That kind of settles the confusion why your favourite Chinese restaurant doesn’t have momos on the menu. Yes? Dim sums refer to small bite-sized snacks served with tea in China, whereas Momos are a popular dish from Tibet.

momos and dim sums2

Momos are savoury dumplings, Dim sums Are More Versatile

Momos refer to a dish comprising savoury dumpling that is either steamed or fried and served with a fiery hot dipping sauce on the side. However, Dim sums are not just confined to the dumpling variety. In authentic Chinese cuisine, there are nearly 2,000 types of dim sums. Anything that qualifies as a bite-sized snack, from chicken feet to congee, egg tarts and even spring rolls, can be referred to as dim sums. Outside of China though, the word dim sum is generally used to refer to small bite-sized dumplings.

momos and dim sums 3

Momos are made from white flour; Dim sums can be made from starch of any kind

In the case of Momos, the base for filling is always made from refined wheat flour or maida. Dim sums, on the other hand, can be made from rice flour, wheat starch, and even potato starch.

momos and dim sums 4

Dim sums are bite-sized, Momos are bigger

If you have ever paid attention to servings of dim sums and Momos, you’d recall that dim sums come in small bite-sized portions. Momos are at least twice the size of dim sums. This is essential because dim sums aren’t really meant to satiate one’s appetite. Momos, however, can be a meal unto themselves. The filling in Momos is meant to satiate your hunger.

momos and dim sums 5

Momos are a street food, while Dim sums are a fine dining affair

This brings us back to our first point of not finding dim sums are road-side kiosks and vice-versa. Owing to their respective places of origin, momos have acquired a status of a comfort street food that can be found in very neighbourhood stall, food court and fast food joint, whereas dim sums are somewhat of a fine dining affair restricted to a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine.

momos and dim sums 6

So, next time you see your friend terming Momos and Dim sums, enlighten him. Momos are not same as Dim sums & let’s not have any more confusion over it.