If you ever thought that wall of fame is the most fascinating thing, here’s a Wall of Beer that will get your spirits high. Yes, The Beer Cafe’s PYOB (Pour Your Own Beer) concept is a unique cool & sexy way to make you feel like a “pourtender”.

the beer cafe


You just have to download The Beer Cafe app & head to The Beer Cafe. Add credits, move towards the wall of awesomeness & cheers {As you scan the bar code, you have the power in your hands}. No 330ml forced down your throat. No 500 ml compulsion. Just start the tap & pour as much as you want. You’ll be spending only as much as you pour. How cool is that, no? We assure you that there is an innate sense of satisfaction of pouring your own drink.

the beer cafe


Technology is supposed to make our life easier & The Beer Cafe has proved it right yet again. So, whether it’s client meetings, friends get together or Friday chill out sessions, you can pull the plug whenever you want, as much as you want.

There is no service charge of course on the bill, as you are your own bartender. Now, you can tilt the glass at an angle as per your own whims & fancies. No wonder #PourItLikeYouOwnIt sums up the mood at The Beer Cafe where technology inter meshes with beer.

the beer cafe


The legacy of innovation is nothing new for The Beer Cafe founder Rahul Singh who has taken it upon himself since 2012  to redefine the social drinking experience in our country. From just 5 in the first year, The Beer Cafe has grown to 40 in 12 cities today. He now spearheads the operations of largest, fastest & most profitable alco-beverage service brand in the country. With global expansion in sight, we can expect Rahul Singh to open up newer frontiers of customer delight taking his passion for the #LoveForBeer to a new level.

the beer cafeRahul Singh, Founder of The Beer Cafe

P.S – This PYOB wall experience can only be relished at DLF Place Mall, Saket & The Beer Cafe Biggie, Connaught Place.