Dishes That Made Me Miss Messi Even More

I have been a big fan of Messi & his announcement of not playing for Argentina ever again was like Dominos taking 60 mins to deliver cheese burst pizza. Totally unacceptable and unthought of .  But then , there are some things which are not in your hand. I didn’t even feel sad when Tendulkar retired. Not even when Ganguly retired. Probably because it wasn’t unannounced . I was taking my own sweet time to let the feeling sink that I would never be able to see Messi in No.10 jersey . Honestly, i even hoped against hope that he would listen to Maradona. But then, that’s what make players like Messi great. They know it better when the time is right ( I haven’t lost hope still though) .

It’s that eerie feeling somehow when to want to forget about your ex & then Facebook send you a memory of 1 year ago , which shows you & her clicking selfies on the Ladakh trip. I had a similar experience with Messi ( I am even more loyal to him than my girlfriend. To the extent that if Messi starts playing for Norwich City , no points for guessing which team i would support). It’s very normal to encounter exquisite dishes while working in a food startup . But, those dishes became special when they reminded me of Messi.

My first Messi-esque feeling came on savouring hot Nutella Malt when ordered at office . It  bamboozled me in the same manner as Messi nutmegs goalkeepers & defenders . My taste buds , caught in the ecstasy of Nutella almost ran off frantically screaming ” I want more”.  I couldn’t help but recollect my amazement on watching Messi inflicting nutmegs on James Milner .

The second encounter was when i had gone to Barbeque nation at the friends birthday party in the afternoon & ate as if there was no tomorrow. I had never thought that I won’t be able to defend my cravings who just gave up on seeing Morroccon Biryani ordered by my younger brother. The Moroccon spices with couscous(koos -koss) in a healthy twist to Biryani made me feel like Pep Guardiola . Stunned in amazement marveling  at the majestic dish.

Moroccon Biryani



What do you do when a dish like Messi makes you go down at your knees ? The twists & turns of flavours in Don Corleone Cajun Chicken sandwich by Twigly  almost had a deja vu of Jerome Boateng to me . I was completely caught offgaurd by the succulent chicken  & could only salute the chef for his skill. The recommendation by office colleagues does work sometimes.

don corleone chicken Sandwich



My Messiness reached a crescendo on a Sunday morning  when i wasn’t well & had a mouth sore. A Tex Mex breakfast with the aroma like magnetic feet of Messi drew me in . Pepper baked beans, raisin brioche, creamy mushrooms, tex mex bean croquettes and besan chila paneer wrap – none of the obstacles in my mouth were able to stop the messican dish . It was perfect like one of those Messi’s Panenka penalties.

You might be thinking that i am obsessed with  Messi or with dishes but then it’s all about top of mind recall . Isn’t it ? Milanesa Napolitana is Messi’s favourite dish . I am frantically searching for the same in Delhi/NCR. Do you know where can i find it ?