After biryani, Hyderabad’s main contribution to the culinary world is Haleem. Modern and cosmopolitan, with its profusion of trendy restaurants and hip brewpubs, Hyderabad would seem to be like any other urban Indian sprawl. Look closer, though, and you’ll find it’s a mosaic of iconic local eateries and places serving dishes from across the world, ethnic foods and international flavours. This melting pot of city stocks the country’s best Haleem.

Head to the following places for a delicious round of the city’s most-loved dish.


1. Shah Ghouse Café

Shah Ghouse is one of the most popular Hyderabadi restaurant known for their biryani, Haleem and local fare in a no-frills ambience. You will usually find it chaotic during the lunch and dinner with customers spilling out onto the street and sipping up the steaming fresh chai over casual conversations. Rich and aromatic plates full of haleem are seen flying from the kitchen.


Where: Syed Ali Chabutra, Shalibanda Road, Charminar

Timings: 5am to 11pm

Cost For Two: Rs 900

2. Café Bahar

Several loyal customers revisit Café Bahar year after year for their famous and popular haleem and biryani. What started in 1973 as a small tea stall and a provisional store has, over a period, grown and has made a name for itself by serving delicious haleem. A haven for meat lovers and for those who like Haleem, it is one of the best places to try it. You will find a swift service despite the fact that huge crowds throng this place, day after day.


Where: Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Basheer Bagh

Timings: 11am to 1am

Cost For Two: Rs 700

3. Pista House

If you ever visit Pista House especially during Ramzaan, you will know how popular it is. It’s better not to expect a good ambience, and especially so during the

Ramzaan season. There are only a few places in the twin cities that come to mind when you think of biryani and Haleem; Pista House is one of them. They were also the first ones to export Haleem out of Hyderabad to other cities. Watch out for the crowds!


Where: Shop No. 20-4-140, Charminar, Shalibanda

Timings: 11am to 11.30pm

Cost For Two: Rs 500

Source: Whats hot Hyderabad